Build Team

Why do people Join Our Mission?


They are having a great experience with JP+.

They see your excitement and want to join.

They love our mission and community.

They want to offset their cost or pay for their JP+.

They need extra income.

They are ready for a life change.  

Expand Your Team


Write down people in your life who you would love to spend more time with and design your team. Map your Preferred Customer Genealogy Report with the help of your sponsor and have conversations with your customers to see if they are naturally sharing their Juice Plus+ experience. Discuss these dream team friends and customers with your sponsor and NMD.


What to Say


Share the business with this attitude of “come on along” or “come join us” on our mission of Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World!

We are changing the health of others with our products and the financial future of individuals and families with our wonderful business.

Be ready to share your business story with others! As you are having conversations, ask others what they do for a living and perhaps they will ask you, so be ready to answer that question!

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Share Education


After sharing your business story with others, send a business video, or connect them to another business exposure like an event.  

One of the best tools, and most effective ways to give others vision for the business, is a 3-Way call or Zoom with your NMD.

This kind of third party validation can help you build team very quickly!  If they are a busy professional, introduce the Wellness Plus+ program.




Continue offering exposures until you have a new team member.  When they do say yes, send them the Join Our Mission link from your personal juiceplus.com website to enroll as a partner.


Guide New Partner

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Keep in close contact with your new team members through a Voxer chat.  Work on their stories, do their first events with them, encourage 3-way calls with their dream team members.  Help them get customers and team members as they move through the compensation plan. 

Help them create a consistent Daily Method of Operation and connect them with your NMD for coaching as they reach each level.

Help them get connected with local events, Zoom events, and attending the JP+ Live conferences. Remember that every team member is a blessing whether they do a little or a lot!