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One Step at a Time

Review your next step in the marketing plan with your sponsor and NMD.  

5 New Customers + 1 New HLP + 1 New 2000+

Learn from Rachel Brewer, NMD the importance of consistently signing up 5 new customers a month and promoting 1 new team member.

Click here to learn from Wendy Campbell, RN NMD 100 Club on how “5-1-1 is Life Changing” (audio)

How to Raise Your Paycheck, NMD, 100 Club

Learn from Leanne Gordon, NMD, 100 Club how to raise your paycheck using the 5-1-1 monthly goal.  You will love learning from Leanne how to get to NMD in one year and so much more!

Coaching with Wendy Campbell, NMD, 100 Club

Invite your Sales Coordinators and above to periodic coaching sessions with your upline NMD.  Watch this video and get a glimpse into Wendy coaching a Senior Sales Coordinator who is on her way to QNMD.  Download Wendy's coaching guide below and follow along.

Print the SC-NMD Tracking Worksheets to use as your guide.

WHY Exercise Training

Learn from Jennifer Saval, NMD on how to identify your WHY and get connected with your WHY.

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How to Read Reports

Learn how to read your Preferred Customer Genealogy, Downline Growth and PVC Report, and 12 Month Analysis.

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Map your end of the month Downline Growth and PVC Report to strategize each month. Learn how to map your end of the month Preferred Customer Genealogy and invite customers on your team to join our mission.  

PVC to Paycheck Worksheet

Figure out your paycheck each month using this worksheet created by Wendy Campbell, NMD.  

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How to have a Stable and Lasting Business

Learn from Deana Christofferson how to build and maintain a stable Juice Plus business.

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Vision Boards

Create a vision board to use as a visual toward reaching your goals and realizing your dreams.


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