Experience Juice Plus+

The Mission Driven Model begins with people who want to have a Juice Plus+ experience; they’re excited about the products, the health education and the like-minded community.  


Juice Plus+ is the Next Best Thing to Fruits and Vegetables!  Juice Plus+ helps to bridge the gap between what we should be eating every day and what we do eat. This small product line helps individuals and families to add more whole food nutrition to their diet everyday in a very simple way!

  • Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable & Berry Blend Capsules or Chewables provide added whole food based nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, and berries. 

  • Juice Plus+ Omega Blend Capsules provide essential fatty acids made from carefully selected oils from vegetable sources

  • Complete by Juice Plus+ is a whole-food-based, powdered beverage mix that provides a blend of protein, fiber, and whole food nutrition. The shakes come in delicious Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.

  • Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ is a vertical, aeroponic growing system, that allows you to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet—indoors or out.

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