Live the Mission

Live the mission of inspiring healthy living and naturally attract!

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The Healthy Living Revolution is a wonderful way for all of us to live our mission of Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World!  We are all part of this global movement!  Within the Healthy Living Revolution you will find programs like Juice Plus+ and the Shred10, along with free resources such as cookbooks, kids programs, fitness videos, monthly health webinars and more.

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The Shred10 is a jump-start to better health program consisting of lifestyle guidelines that are followed for 10 days.  Each month our healthy living community hosts a Shred10 event.  We offer a guide book, cookbook, and incredible support.



The Freedom Revolution is the business community of the Healthy Living Revolution.  80% of Juice Plus+ customers have no affiliation with the business. The other 20% are those of us who want to serve others and partner with the Juice Plus+ Company. Not only are we helping others get healthier, but we are creating options to have a little or a lot more freedom and options in our lives!