One Simple Change

Juice Plus+ is the Next Best Thing to Fruits and Vegetables!  Juice Plus+ helps to bridge the gap between what we should eat every day and what we do eat. This small product line helps individuals and families make One Simple Change to add more whole food nutrition to their diet everyday!

  • Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable & Berry Capsules or Chewables - whole food based nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, and berries 

  • Juice Plus+ Omega Capsules - essential fatty acids made from plant oils

  • Complete by Juice Plus+ - plant-based, powdered beverage mix and bars

  • Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ -vertical, aeroponic growing system

One Simple Change Flipbook

The One Simple Change presentation is about learning the whys behind
fruits and vegetables and Juice Plus+.

Jumpstart to Better Health

(4:46) Learn about all of the Juice Plus+ products and why they are making a difference for thousands of people around the world.