First Post Idea

Capsule Curiosity

First Post Idea: Post a picture of the capsules in your hand and say something like: I’m so thankful my friend, (name friend to tag), shared an easy way to flood my body with 30 different fruit, veggies, and berries each day! I’m excited because…


  1. Take your own version of this photo without mentioning Juice Plus+ in order to create curiosity so you have the chance to share your story rather than your friend searching the internet for Juice Plus+ information on their own.

  2. Work with your sponsor on your verbiage for this post.

  3. When someone comments on your post and shows interest, comment back that you will private message them. Try to take the conversation to a phone call or voice memo so you can share your JP+ story.

  4. Tag your upline mentors on your post also so they can comment to support you! They might comment with something like, “I added these to our family’s diet 10 years ago and they made all the difference in our health! I love all of the medical research and that kids receive these free!"


Social Media is the new business card!  When you meet people ask if you can make friends with them on social media.  It is important to represent yourself and our community in the right way on social media.  Use these videos and tools to learn how to best use social media.


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